January 11th, and I am…

* thinking “O my, my 30th birthday is officially less than a month away”

* sad to hear news that a high school friend’s little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor

* wishing that it was closer to March 3rd than it is

* being somewhat productive when it comes to writing test questions

* tired of cold weather… I need some sundress/flip flop/swimming pool weather

* wondering what is going on to make my mother call me three times in one day…

* wondering if I should call my sister to see if she knows why my mother would call me three times in one day

* thankful that our water pipes didn’t burst over the weekend when it was supercold… one almost did… but it didn’t!

*  really glad I go to the church I go to… I love it.

* excited about what I’m making for dinner tonight

6 Comments on “January 11th, and I am…”

  1. You should’ve called me- I missed talking to you yesterday :). And, yes, what are you making for dinner?

  2. Mrs. BB, strangely enough, I’ve been able to eat spicy foods with all three of my pregnancies! Good thing, because where we live “spicy” means little until your tongue is on fire. 🙂
    I did choose to use the mild sauce, just in case… 🙂

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