my prediction is…

Well, ultimately, I don’t know.  But, if I had to predict when sweet baby number 3 will arrive, I’d say:  early.


My first two children were late/on time.  Rachel was a week late, and even with my water breaking on its own, I needed an induction to get her out.  She just was comfy inside is all. 🙂

Eli was induced on his due date.  As Rachel was 8 lbs 6 oz and a little over 21 inches long, they figured since he was second, and a boy, he’d might be too big if left in an extra week.  I’m glad my doctor made that decision.  Eli was     8 lbs. 7 oz on time, and 22 inches long.

Both of these lovely babies could have arrived earlier than their due dates.  There were no “scheduling conflicts” that would have made it difficult to arrive at the hospital, and they were both born during a time when Matt was able to easily take time off of work to be at home a bit.

This baby… this one really can’t come early.  Matt had to move up the audit of their company a week because it was orginially scheduled the week of our due date!  If the baby comes early (well, any more than 4 days early), it will be a little dicey to get to the hospital.  It will also be near to impossible for Matt to take off time from work until after the audit is completed. 😦

So, because this one can’t be early, I think it will be.  If number 3 is any bit as stubborn as his/her siblings, it’s a “for sure” deal.

Of course… this is all speculation.   Most likely this one will have to be forced out like the other two.   For once, I’m not hoping for an early delivery!

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