the good and the bad

The Good:  yesterday I invested in a family pass to our local zoo.  It’s pretty nice, but not something I enjoy paying for every time out of pocket.  The kids can only take about 2 hours of it before they start whining… so “family pass” was the option I went for.  For a whopping $65 (a good price, I think), all four (soon to be five) of us can visit as many times as we want between yesterday and January 21st, 2011. 

We went today.  Stayed 1 hour and a half, left to come home.  It was perfect, and I didn’t feel the need to “squeeze every moment” out of the trip for the money’s sake.  I know we can go again tomorrow, if I want to (which I don’t… but that’s besides the point).


The Bad:  Found out my side of the family is even more messed up than even I thought possible.  WILL NOT be going into details.  But, lets just say that I had a hard time keeping my breakfast in my stomach this morning.  When will it end???


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