psychology (p)stinks

Psychology.  It was one of those offered majors in college that I never quite understood.  The people who chose this major were often those who “marched to the beat of their own drummer”, so to speak.   I had to take the require basic class, and actually learned more about myself than about other people and their random quirks. 

Anyways.  I know someone who is currently in school studying for a psychology degree.  This person DEFINITELY marches to her own drum beat.  I have no problem with quirkiness.  However, I do have a problem with people who try to analyze others when they are completely oblivious to their own obvious weirdness. 

What’s worse is that “logic” fails when attempting to communicate this fact to this particular “enlightened” psychology student.   OBVIOUSLY, she knows more than I do (*note: major sarcasm there…), so anything I say is discredited by something read in some book.   So, there are two options as far as I see it.  First: keep bashing my head against a wall in trying to make clear to her what everyone else sees, knowing that she will never understand.  Second:  just give up and live with the fact that this is just the way it’s gonna be. 

Neither sounds good.  I kind of wish their was a third option.

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