a lovely shower

Last Friday night I went to what will most likely be the last baby shower ever given in my honor.  As it was the last, the friends throwing the event went with a different sort of idea… a couple’s baby shower.  Yes, I know it seems very unconventional, I think the concept of couple’s wedding showers caught on much faster, however I was up for it… I mean, doesn’t the father have a role in the baby’s development past conception???  Why not include him and his buddies in the partying?

So, it was a dinner party.  Lots of yummy food, toasts made with sparkling cider (naturally, I would have preferred a champagne toast, but I also prefer a baby born having not had alcohol in its system!), and a delectable Martha Stewart inspired chocolate truffle tower.  YUM.

We played a few games.  NONE involving measuring my stomach.  I informed my dear friends that should anyone attempt to guess my girth in inches or my weight that they would never be spoken to by myself again.  Ever.  So, we did a kooky little “which kid goes with the 80’s television show” game (Matt actually got 100%, I came in second which surprised me since I guessed on about half of them!).  We also played a game that turned out to be much more hilarious than I would have thought.  Everyone got a sheet with our first and last names printed on it.  The goal was to come up with as many potential baby names as possible using just the letters from our names.

Notable favorites:  Yammy (my favorite), Titrate (yes, someone actually wrote that), Mattney, Whitmer, Maney (strangely, more than one person wrote this one…), Hitman, Sir, Wham, ahhh… the list goes on…

We were still talking about it a few days later…

There were, of course, presents!  Got lots of things I needed for before the baby arrives.  Notable items missing:  anything related to breast-feeding.  I guess it would have made it a little awkward for the guys to see a hugely pregnant lady open  breast milk storage bags or something.  🙂

Having the guys there definitely created a different atmosphere.  It was more “party” like than “shower” like.  No one felt the need to share their personal birth stories with the room, and there weren’t quiet little groups of women standing around cautiously nibbling cucumber sandwiches (not that there’s anything wrong with cucumber sandwiches, I happen to like them).  The point was that it was nice to have something a little different, and memorable for our last baby shower.

Favorite comment of the evening?  Upon opening a set of receiving blankets one guy asked, “receiving blankets?  Are there also passing blankets?”  Ahhh, football loving dude, no, there are not passing blankets.


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  1. Cute post! I missed talking to you today :(. James is off today b/c he has to work Saturday, so we’ll be running a bunch of errands, but I’ll try to call and check on you. I love you!

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