’cause that’s just how we roll…

Matt and I have a habit of cramming all of our major life changes into small time frames.  Example:  in 2002, I graduated from college in May, got married in June, three weeks later moved halfway across the country, and that same summer we both started new jobs. 


About three weeks before my due date, Matt told me that we were going to have to make some serious changes to help out our financial situation.  It had been a rough year for the business he works for because of the economy slump, and the result for us was an unhealthy increase in debt.  He basically let me know that either we would A: have to sell our lovely, custom built home on 2 acres of beautiful trees and downsize the mortgage, or B:  I would have to go back to work this fall.

Duh.  Didn’t have to think twice about that.  Sure, I’ll miss the trees and the privacy, but I’m pretty sure I’d miss my kids even more.

So, we talked to several real estate agents the week and half before my due date.  We chose one, and let her know that we wanted to list the first week of March.

February 26th:  Brady is born

February 28th:  come home from hospital

March 1-4th:  adjust to new baby in house while getting the house ready to take pictures and show.  Fortunately, I’m a clean-freak, and we’ve kept the house in good condition, so there’s not an overwhelming amount to do.

March 5th:  house is officially listed as “for sale”  Brady is 1 week old.

March 8th:  a rainy day, my first day alone with all the kids by myself.  Get a call that the house will be shown.  Have to clean up, and get all kids out of house on time.  It was crazy, but it happened.

March 8th (later in day): get a call from our realtor that the couple that looked at the house has made an offer. 

March 8th (evening):  our realtor comes over, we’re pleasantly surprised that the offer made is well within what we were hoping to get.

March 9th:  we officially accept the offer, and enter the “option period” where the buyers can back out for any reason… this is the longest 10 days of my life.

March 9th:  realize that we’re going to be living in a box if we don’t start looking at houses… and SOON!

March 11th:  look at first round of pre-owned houses.  Disappointed in what we find for the price we want to pay.  We’re very committed to sticking to the budget this time… and for what we can pay, the offerings aren’t that great.  BUT, it’s day one of looking.

March 12th:  Brady’s two week appointment with pediatrician.  It’s already been TWO weeks???

March 13th:  look at more houses.  Have to leave one immediately because it was disgusting.  How can people live like that??? Especially when trying to sell their house???  Start to consider building again… it will take a while (mid-June), and we’ll have to stay with family for about 8 weeks, but it might be worth it…

March 14th:  sign to build a house.  With the massive incentives being offered, we’ll actually pay less for this house than it’s base price, as well as less than many of the nasty houses we looked at.  Feel VERY good about this. 

March 16th:  house inspection.  Again, it’s pouring rain and I have to get all the kids out by myself.  Soooo thankful for friends that let me come invade their house for a while!

March 17th:  that’s today!!!  We’ll find out what the inpection report said.  Also realizing that we have ONE month in our house… then it will be someone else’s house.  I’m a little sad, but know that there are great things on the horizon.

2 Comments on “’cause that’s just how we roll…”

  1. Oh my goodness, I am in such awe of you. First, I’m not sure I even was able to move 2 weeks after giving birth to Carter. And, my emotions would not supported selling/buying houses. Seriously, the strength you show is awesome and I wish you guys the best in building this new house that will be PERFECT for your family!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, there have definitely been some emotional moments! I have been held up by the prayers of MANY people who are seeing us through this time. Without that, I would be a wreck. 🙂

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