why you should never pick your nose in public

Why not???  Because SOMEONE will see you.

Several years ago, while teaching middle school, I had a student who liked to “sneak a pick” as I called it during class. 

One day, I had the misfortune to not only catch the “pick”, but also the “snack”.  Yes, he ate his booger.  In class. 

I could tell he was trying to be sneaky about it.  I mean, 8th grade is a little past the point where kids don’t have problems with nose-pickings and booger eating. 

Flash forward 5 years.  I now have three children, and am no longer teaching in the public school system.  On this lovely, sunny day, I take my babies to play outside at their cousins house, and then to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal.  Quite a treat.

Who takes my money at the drive-through? 

Yep.  Booger-boy.

I kind of wanted to just let him keep the change… who knows where those fingers have been???

Moral of the story?

Sometimes, boogers need to be picked.  But please, don’t do it in public, because someone will see you. 


3 Comments on “why you should never pick your nose in public”

  1. LOL – I like the drivers in cars who don’t think anyone can see them, especailly in heavy traffic:)

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