Day Three

We are building another house.  Yep.  Seems a little crazy to us too. 

The house we are currently in was a custom build.  We could mess with the floorplan/blueprint, and add or change things as it was built.  This new house is being built by Pul.te, which is a large company, and so is a different experience.

One of the things we discovered today is the time schedule they keep.  Being the obsessive type personality that I am, I rather like this part.  They have a 55 day schedule (Monday-Friday) that they build a house in.  Every day has a particular task assigned to it.  So, today on our schedule is Day Three.  At this point, the frame has been set up, and the fill material for the slab has been started.  Since it’s raining and nasty today, I’m not sure what else will occur on Day Three, but it’s nice to know that by Day Fifty-Five, we’ll have a house to live in! 

I will be exceptionally happy when Day ??? rolls around, which is the closing on our current house.  No more huge mortgage… and we’ll be on our way to becoming debt-free. 🙂  We figure it will take us between 12-18 months to have everything paid in full, and when that day comes… you better believe there will be some celebratin’ going on!  


Can’t wait…

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