oh, to be “status quo”

Last night two other ladies and I were talking, and after myself and one of the others had mentioned what was going on with us lately, we inquired as to what was going on with the third.  Her response was, “not much, still kind of status quo”. 

Now, she most definitely did not mean that her life is not busy.  She has two young boys, and is very active in our church.  What she meant was that she doesn’t have any “major life changes” going on.  No moves, no house for sale, no new baby here (or arriving soon)… just “status quo”. 

I have to say, I’m ready for some “status quo”.  The past five years we have had three babies, one miscarriage, packed a house, quit a job, moved in with in-laws, and built another house. Well, some of it hasn’t happened quite yet, but it will have happened by the five year mark. 🙂


I am ready for a few years with just watching my children grow, with being able to grow a little myself, with getting to stay in the same clothing size more than a few months!  It’s the little things… 

The next MAJOR set of life changes for me shouldn’t have to be until all of my kids are in school (if we don’t homeschool… I’m still working on Rachel who seems to be dead-set on “going to school”!), and I start working again.  I think even at that point I’d want to start just part-time to ease back in to that particular life change! 🙂

However, I guess you really never know what’s on the horizon…

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