week in review

As I have not many coherent thoughts these days, I’m at least going to try to do a somewhat regular “week in review”, if for no other reason than to remember what I did yesterday…

Last week:

* Brady rolled over from back to stomach.  He has yet to repeat this action.

*  Brady got his first tooth.  This was at 4 months, which is 2 months earlier than the other two got their first teeth.

* 4th of July!  We hung out with some fun people.  Good times.

*  We hung a lot of items up on the bare walls of our new house.  Now it is feeling much homier.  My favorite is a wall of black/white pictures of the kids, and arranged with the pics are wooden letter B, E, & R for their names.  Love this wall, and the memories.

*  Fit in to my favorite jeans!  Yep!  I have them on now.  They are not nearly as loose as they were this time last year, but for 4 months out, I think I’m lookin’ pretty good.  Then, my 4-year old daughter gives me a reality check by asking, “why is your tummy wrinkly, mommy?”.  *sigh*

*  had friends over for dinner.  Good food, good times. 

*  Played Matt in Wii basketball, and spanked him.  He is not a graceful loser. 🙂

Annnnnnd, that’s all I can remember.

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