mommy overload

The past 2 weeks I’ve felt unable to get anything major accomplished.  Yeah, the kids get fed, clothed, etc…  but I still just don’t feel like I have everything “together”. 

I think I’m on “mommy overload”.   I realized today that:

A. I love Rachel

B. I love Eli

C. I love Brady

D. All three together is hard.  Very hard.

Am I whining?  Maybe.  I also think I’m just being honest. 

My back hurts, my head hurts, my arms are sore from carrying around a baby while doing everything.  My mental facilities are in serious disarray.   My patience is thinner, my temper is shorter.  I really want a long nap, but more than that, just a break.  Actually, a nanny.  That’s what I need.

See, I like being around my children, I actually do.  But, I also like to get stuff done.  As the number of kids has increased, the amount of stuff done has decreased.  I know, I know, the “stuff” doesn’t matter as much as time with your kids.  I do believe that.  But sometimes, “stuff” needs to be done.  In those moments, a nanny would be great.  I’d still be around the kids, but someone else would be responsible for cleaning pee off the floors when the potty-training 2-year-old wets his underwear.  The nanny could make the lunch, and I could just sit down and eat with them.  The nanny could change the diapers, and I could rock the baby to sleep.

Do I ask for too much?


I guess I’ll settle for a massage… one day… when I have time.

One Comment on “mommy overload

  1. definitely treat yourself to a massage. maybe i can come help you sometime in the coming weeks if work keeps slowing down!

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