Isn’t nice when you finally figure something out? 🙂

I have been feeling just blah and all out-of-sorts… overwhelmed, underwhelmed, stressed, you name it.

Remembered last night that this time period (4-5 months) after my second baby was born I went through the same junk.  Hormones?  Probably a good bit.  I think this is just (for me) the point where it all becomes very “real”.  Not that I’m unaware of having a new addition before this point, but to this point it’s all been a blur.  This time even more so since we were selling our house, living with in-laws, and moving into a new one.  Now it’s really real.   The busyness, the stress, the being pulled in a million directions, the fatigue…

At this point with the last baby I sought the advice/help of a counselor.  I don’t think I need that right now, I actually do still remember a lot of what we talked about as far as maintaining some balance.  Plus, I don’t want to pay $75 a week just to talk. 

However, I do think that a $30 pedicure might help out a significant amount. 🙂  Might have to try to convince Matt that the pedicure option is much cheaper and shorter time committment than therapy… 

Be on the lookout for cute toes. 🙂

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