potty training Day One

Could it possibly be that at the end of the week I will have another child out of diapers???  🙂

Ohhh… I hope so! 

Eli has been showing signs of potty-training readiness for a while.  A long while, actually.  He will be three at the end of September, and since I’d always heard that boys train later in general than girls, I was prepared to wait until the fall to start that journey.  Besides that, with the move, and the still-fresh remembrance of the difficulty we had potty-training Rachel, I just could not gear myself up mentally for it.

A few months ago he started sporadically going to the bathroom.  He’d still wet his pull.up too, but it was a start.  Not enough to warrant a full-on involvement, but enough to make me start watching him for more signs.  A few weeks ago he started being dry a lot when waking up in the mornings and from naptime.  Another BIG sign.  After this, I began looking at the calendar for a series of three days in a row that we could stay at home to focus on it.

The three days never appeared.  Tried underwear off and on with minimal success.

Realized that this week will most likely be the only week of the summer where we have three days in a row with no commitments outside of the house.  Went to the store, bought cardstock to make his chart, bought skittles (since he can’t have M&M’s!) for mini-prizes every 3-4 times he goes, and “larger” prizes (match.box cars, etc…) for every 7-8 times he goes.

Plan:  by the end of the three days he’ll be good to go, and by the end of the week, hopefully we can take him out places without needing a pull.up on.

That’s the plan. 

We’ll see how it goes.


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