potty training: Day Two

potty training: Day One Recap…

Had game board ready.  Had prizes ready.  Had drawer full of clean underwear ready.

Two accidents.  One so minor it really shouldn’t even qualify, but I’m calling it one.  The other was a poop accident.  At least right afterward he ran to the bathroom.  At least it was, ahem, the more…solid… variety so it cleaned out pretty easily. 🙂

The Good?  Dry almost all day (except for the few drops), including night-time and naptime!  After the one poop accident, he went again, completely on his own in the toilet! 

So, expectations for Day Two? 

I expect it to be about like yesterday.  I’m so thankful for these few days with nothing on the calendar to be able to do this.  I think he really just needed me to commit in order for him to commit.  Switching from underwear to pull.ups back and forth had to have been confusing.  Hopefully we are DONE with that. 🙂

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