Book Review: Not God’s Type

This really isn’t a book review at all.  It’s more just my take on it… sans the analysis that often accompanies book reviews.  Since I don’t consider myself to be an “academic”, or “critic”… take is for what it is… just my thoughts. 🙂

I ordered the book, Not God’s Type by Holly Ordway based on a recommendation a friend of mine gave it.   This friend of mine is currently a student in a Master’s program to obtain a degree in Christian Apologetics.   As I respect this friend and her opinion, and value her insight into topics I would probably not voluntarily delve deeply into, I decided to read a few pages off of an online source… and I was hooked.

The book is essentially a retelling of Ordway’s experience as a “rational academic” who begins a journey that culminates with accepting the facts that Jesus died on the Cross, rose again three days later, and lives today in Heaven.  

It was an interesting approach for me to read.  Having grown up in the church for my entire life, it is surprising to see how few people can actually point to the moment they knew with their minds that Christ is who He claims.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the emotional experience of Christianity.  I believe that the Holy Spirit uses emotions to stir up action in many lives.   In fact, I found myself becoming quite emotional while reading Ordway’s extremely rational, almost clinical, search for Truth.   While reading the chapter in which her conversion occurs, I even had to choke back  tears.   So, while she had as her purposeful intention to NOT become emotional about her search for fear that she would mistrust the experience later, as a reader, I found it difficult to be unemotional myself.

Why this book, why now? 

This book has come, for me, at the perfect time.  I have been sensing a need to go deeper in my relationship with the Lord, and yet uncertain as to how to approach the change.  Reading a rational account of Ordway’s conversion brought me to the realization that I don’t NEED to feel emotional about my experiences for them to be True.  I treasure the emotions I have, but I don’t want to be ruled by them. 

My advice in a word?  Okay, two words?  READ IT! 

Whether you are already a Christian, or currently seeking Truth, or are not at all interested in anything possibly related to God, I assure you, this book will make an impact on you.

1 Comments on “Book Review: Not God’s Type”

  1. So glad you read it, Whitney. I completely agree with your thoughts on it. I, too, came from a Christian home and have been a Believer most of my life. Reading this conversion story of a life-long atheist had a strong impact on me, as well. Holly is a dear friend of mine, and knowing the depth of her honesty and sincerity about her faith made the reading experience that much more powerful. I hope that everyone who reads her story will review the book on Amazon, as well! These types of stories are a big target for the Christianity-bashers on there.

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