teaching reading at home

This summer I’m working on some of the readiness skills for K-4.  We’re cutting shapes, lines, zig-zag lines, curvy lines… We’re coloring, we’re counting, we’re gluing, we’re (gulp) reading.

I’ve always had an intense fear of teaching my children to read.  Of all of the elementary school aged milestones, this one terrifies me the most.  Not sure why… I’m an avid reader, I read often to my own children… there are great resources out there.  Yet, I’m still afraid. 

I think the core reason for my fear is that reading is the basis of EVERYTHING else!  Can’t do science, math, social studies or any other subject without having a good foundation in reading! 

With that said and acknowledged, I have set out this summer to start the process.  I’m running behind as my daughter has known her letters and their sounds for over a year now.  Or, perhaps the delay will make the process easier?  Time will tell.

We’re doing the “BOB” books as our beginning readers.  They are super simple, super short, and don’t intimidate me.  She can already read the first (Mat) in the set, and is almost fully competent with the second.  We started the 3rd today, which requires me to help her a lot to sound out the words.  My philosophy is that we’ll work on two at a time.  The first will be one that she is pretty good at, and the second will be one she needs more help on.  The idea is that once she becomes compentent with one, we’ll move on and the one that was needing help will be the one she is now pretty good at etc…

Today, she taught me a lesson.

While we were reading the one that she’s almost mastered, she was struggling with “reading the picture” vs. “reading the words”.  I kept reminding her to read the words, not the pictures when she burst out with, “mommy, can you just cover the pictures up?”.  Hmmm… why didn’t I think of that? 🙂  So, I covered the pictures, and she was able to read the words without getting distracted by the picture.

I guess that’s the beauty of homeschooling… I’m learning just as much as she is. 🙂

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