a love/hate relationship

I’ll admit it, I’m an internet junkie.  I shop online, I research online, I sell items online… I would probably feel sadly disconnected from the world without the internet.

But some days, the internet sucks.  Today is one of those days.

I get my fill of the news online (when I can).  The regular news is not something I really want on in my house with having 3 small children.  There’s just too much negativity.  However, today, the internet news is just a reminder of a painful family situation.

My brother.  My brother who is so smart, who has a great sense of humor, and can be giving to a fault.  He’s been dealing with a difficult time in his life.  It started about 4 years ago, and without going through the whole story, the road has led him through depression, anxiety, mental health institutions, anger, denial, alcoholism, and now stupidity.

He did some things that started a little fire, which led to the fire department being called out, which led to a search of his apartment, which led to the discovery of  “suspicious” items that could potentially be used to make explosive devices.

I know.  I’m in shock too.  Trust me.

He has now been arrested, and the only way we can find out information is through online newspaper sources.  Example: I just found out he’s being held on $75,000 bail.  While I suppose it’s minorly helpful to be able to get updates this way, it’s also frustrating and a tad infuriating.  How is it that some two-bit reporter who can’t spell has news about my brother before his family does?  In addition, the comments???  I wish that comments could be disabled for news stories.  One commenter said, “public hanging” in response to his actions.  While I most decidedly do not agree with my brother or his philosophies, I’m thinking a public hanging might be taking the concept of punishment a bit far.

I don’t know what will happen to him.  I am hoping and praying with everything in me that this will be the event that causes him to turn his life around.  We shall see.

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