and the prize goes to…

ME! (for not going completely stark-raving-mad this week… 🙂  )

It has been forever since I’ve blogged, or maybe it just seems that way.  This week, really, the past 2 weeks or so, have been insanely insane.  Quick recap (since that’s all I seem able to do these days)

July 28th:  brother gets arrested (again).  This time it’s pretty serious.  No one was hurt, but there are potentially very serious charges.

July 28th- Today:  praying/worried for my brother.  It doesn’t ever leave me.  “Is he okay?”, “Is this event FINALLY enough to make him see a need for change?” and keeping tabs on the goings-on of certain family members whos actions just make me scratch my head in wonder…

August 9th:  find out that I will now be leading the co-op homeschool speech class, rather than just assisting.  This means I have a class proposal due by the end of the week.

August 9th:  I also am booking it through the rest of a standardized test question contract.  It’s one I’m enjoying, so it goes smoothly.

August 10th: House painters arrive.  They will be at my house pretty much all day, for the next 3 days.

August 10th: contract completed, working on formatting.

August 11th: more house painting.  Contract emailed in.  Mother’s birthday.  Try to call, she never picks up.  Finally just leave a message.  Hey, I tried.

August 12th:  more house painting.  Start on the class proposal.  Brother’s (the one in jail) birthday.  Spend the day praying for him, skip book club (not so ironically, about the founder of Teen Challenge, a program for addicts…) in hopes that he will call.  He doesn’t. 

August 13th:  Class proposal due.  I sent it in the night before, and feel pretty good, especially since the Lord provided a great co-teacher for me during the week.  Finally preparations for a giant baby shower to be held the 14th at my house.  Cleaning, putting up the name garland, etc…

August 14th:  rise & shine, it’s baby shower day!  Co-hostesses arrive about 8:30am, we get it all put together; I LOVE IT.  I think about 25 or so people arrive at 10am, which I suppose isn’t technically huge, but in my house, it feels huge. 🙂

August 15th (that’s today!):  I really need to go get in the shower; this morning is my last to help serve in the baby class at church.  From now on I will be in the pre-K area with my oldest.  I look forward to the change.

Really, this list doesn’t convey the hectic pace of the week very well, but it’ll have to do.  On to next week:  more class planning, and I get to start doing the planning for Rachel’s K-4 homeschool work!  Can’t wait to break out the curriulum!

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