a week to remember

This week will be a week to remember. 

First, Eli (my middle baby) has run out of Pull.Ups.  Last night was his last.  Since he has been staying completely dry for a while now, Matt and I have decided to not purchase any more for him.  TONIGHT is the first Pull.Up-free night for Eli!  I’m excited for a number of reasons, including the fact that we now have one less expense! 🙂  It’s a little strange though… my baby is growing up…

This week I’m lesson planning!  Next week schools in our areas resume, and I intend to start our homeschooling at the same time.  Granted, it won’t be the same time of day… don’t/won’t/can’t understand WHY elementary schools have to start at 7:40am.  I guess it’s because of the busing schedules.  But still.  That’s just ridiculous. 

This week we register for homeschool co-op classes!  As we are a “new” family, and not a “returning” family, we can’t register until the 20th at 12:05am.  (Returners can register @ 12:05am on the 19th).  I am a little freaked out about it, mostly because it’s a new thing.  I’ve been told repeatedly that the ages my kids are, I won’t have any trouble with getting in.  But, true to my nature, I think about the “what-ifs”, and stress about whether or not this year is the one year that lots of babies are needing to be in the nursery and so the cap of 10 babies is filled before I can even log on… you see???   I intend to set the alarm for midnight, so that I can hop right on the computer at 12:05am Friday morning, in hopes that the rest of the night I can sleep peacefully. 🙂

We also have another event coming up later this week that I won’t go in to detail about.  It is a life-changing event for the family; and as it is such a big event, I am (again… true to nature) stressing out about it.  Not about the event itself, but what completion of the event means for me/us.  It’s a big deal, and even though I know that it’s what we need to do, it will definitely close a chapter in our lives, and I’m feeling a little sad.

This week (tomorrow) my brother has his preliminary trail hearing.  I have NO idea what will happen, but I am praying that whatever does happen, that it doesn’t make him more bitter/hardened than he already is.  It really is pitiful to see someone who is so consumed with self. 

I guess that’s about it.  Next week will be the start of our “official” homeschool adventure!  I’m sure I will have lots to blog about once that starts up. 🙂

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