already Wednesday?

I can hardly believe that Wednesday has already come this week!  While I do feel as if I’ve been fairly productive,  I also feel as if I have so much more to do!  I suppose it doesn’t ALL have to be accomplished this week… 🙂


Next week we start homeschooling.  I am nervous, mostly because I’m not sure what to expect.  I guess being uncertain of expectations is better than have firm expectation; at least mine can’t fail me!  What am I nervous about?  Well, here’s a short list:

1.  Timing:  what time of day will work best, especially with having to work around a baby?  Should I attempt to school at a set time, or just whenever works that particular day?  I’ve read that you should “make it important”, but does that mean in timing?

2.  Schedule:  Do/should I include other activities during the week besides co-op on Fridays?  What about all the errands I have to run? 

3.  Multiple children:  Rachel is starting a much more structured K-4 curriculum.  Eli is still in the I-wanna-do-“school”-but-not-really-ready-yet phase.  Then, again, there’s the baby.

And, I could go on.  But I won’t. 

I know it will all work out… I am excited to start, but I wish it would just START!  I would start this week, but for certain events that have had me occupied… 🙂

2 Comments on “already Wednesday?”

  1. You don’t have to be nervous! With such little ones, I’d encourage you not to do too much in the realm of “formal” academics. Otherwise, you might burn out your children (and yourself, too, especially since you have a baby.) It’s much more important that you spend time reading together, singing, doing fingerplays, and messy art!
    Perhaps you could try to notice this week the times your baby is most content (or napping) and plan a short homepreschool time then. Starting with a simple order of the day is very important. All you need to plan is what comes next.
    You also might want to consider a 4 day a week plan (or even 3, with young preschoolers) and plan for one day to be a housework day, and one day to be an errand day.
    I have lots of good links and articles about starting homeschooling on my blog and hope you will visit me there at
    Susan Lemons
    Homeschooling mom of 4
    Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development
    Author, Homepreschool and Beyond

  2. Thanks for the tips, Susan! I will definitely check out your blog…
    You’re right, I do have the tendency to do too much; this time I tried to “lesson plan” for only 2 weeks so that I can re-assess how it’s working after that point. My “problem” (it’s really not a problem, per se, just a challenge!) is that my four-year-old LOVES school work. 🙂 That’s the main reason I chose to be a little more structured. In fact, if I started at the point in the curriculum that she is up to, we’d be starting about halfway through. I’ve decided to not do that; we are starting from the start. 🙂
    That is a good idea about saving a day. Since our co-op meets Friday mornings, I might just save the rest of that day for errands/cleaning, etc… rather than doing homeschooling.
    Thanks for the visit!

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