here we go!

Today was our “official” first day of K-4 homeschool.  Annnnd, it was pretty good. 

The homeschool part didn’t really take that long.  The curriculum we’re using (Abeka) starts out slow, and then builds up.  Example:  this week we do phonics only.  Then next week math is added in, and then handwriting, you see?  I like this gradual build up.  It gives everyone a chance to settle in to what “school” means for us.  For me, it means getting up at 6, getting ready, and (hopefully) having time for a quiet time with the Lord before the kids wake up…. unless it’s a day like today when all three were up about 25 minutes after me. 🙂    For the kids, it means having a more structured morning routine, and learning how to sit still for a few minutes, and focus.  Of course, it’s very brief time periods right now… I’m sure that builds gradually as well.

Overall, they did great.  Brady played happily in his chair; Rachel and Eli sat cross-legged on the floor and we worked on our phonics for the day.   I was surprised at how quickly it went by, and also how well the kids responded to what I considered to be “cheesy” things the curriculum suggested teachers say.  I guess that shows how little I know about the preschool area. 🙂

Hoping for good things this year! 

Tonight we go to payment night for our homeschool co-op.  I’m excited to be able to be a part of this, and the kids will surely benefit from having another teacher once a week for a few hours, and being around other kids their ages.

That’s it!

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