three is enough

How do I know three children is enough for me?

Today we went to the zoo.  I allowed Eli to wear a “new to him” pair of faux Crocs.  Big mistake.  The fakies always give his skinny, bony feet blisters.  About 25 minutes in, he collapses on the ground holding his foot and screaming.  Yes, he has a raw patch rubbed off.  I tend to the wound with my handy-dandy first aid kit that I keep in the “zoo backpack”, but it’s obvious that my more…ahem… sensitive… child will not be able to walk.  He gets in the stroller, the baby gets in the Ergo carrier.  Now, I love my Ergo, and it honest-to-goodness does not hurt my back to carry him.  But… the HEAT… dear heavens.. the HEAT!!!  So we haul ourselves around the zoo; me pushing the almost-three-year-old,  baby in front carrier, backpack on my back, keeping an eye on the 4-year-old…

I’m just wondering where the pack mule exhibit was.  I think I would have fit right in. 🙂

And that is (one of my many reasons) why three is enough. 😀

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