homeschool kids aren’t really that different

We are members of a homeschool co-op.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  A bunch of families who homeschool come together, and the moms and dads share their gifts with others while their children get to be around their peers, and learn from other adults.

It’s great.  I reallyreallyreally like our co-op.  My kids like it, it’s just great.

So, while my darlings are in the pre-K, and below classes, I have an hour teaching speech to 7-12th graders.  Fun!  It’s a curriculum that’s pretty much already done for me (which is nice!), and today was the first day of speech giving.  The kids had to give a “self introduction” speech; basically telling us about themselves in about 5 minutes.

Now, I come from a public school background.  I went to public schools, I taught in public schools, it’s really all I know.  I’m used to seeing/having students who do not prepare for class.  Heck, I was even one of those students on rare many occasions. 🙂  Up until today, my opinon about homeschool kids was that they were (in general) more polite, more dedicated, and more responsible than the average public-schooler.  Until today.  🙂

Today, a kid had ZERO preparation done for his speech.  Being a mean, strict sort of teacher, I made him get up and “wing it”.  It was not good.  At all.  I let him know that he would have to re-give the speech (properly, this time) during the make-up time scheduled at the end. 

Made me realize that it’s not HOMEschooling that makes for a better, more well-behaved kid.  Especially true when it comes to responsibility.  Responsibility has to be taught by the parent, regardless of where the kids goes to school.  If it’s not, the result is the same; it just ends up hurting the kid. 

So, with that said, whatever form of schooling you decide to give your child, whether it be public, private, or home schooling… don’t ever forget that it’s NOT someone else’s responsibility to teach your child how to be a responsible young adult.

2 Comments on “homeschool kids aren’t really that different”

  1. heehee… I’m guessing you had moments like mine back in the teaching days… one parent asked me (about their EIGHTH grade child), “what should I do???”. Seriously? Maybe you should have started about 14 years ago… geez…

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