cloth and the 7 month mark

Sunday is my baby’s 7 month birthday, so I thought I’d give a little update on cloth diapering now that we’ve entered the world of peas, carrots, and peaches.

It’s gross. 



I used to wonder at the people selling their second hand diapers on websites that talked about staining in the diapers.  Honestly, I thought I must have a superior washing method, because MY diapers were never stained.  Ha… pride goeth before the …

So, with the introduction of 3 daily solid meals in a variety of fun colors, my son now stains his diapers.  It is possible to get the stains out, but does take a little more effort.  I have also started using regular disposable wipes (yes, yes I have) for the poops that are ahem… beyond nasty.  I use the cloth wipes for the minor poops, but the mega poops… nope.  They get a disposable wipe. 🙂


I am starting to notice the wearing down of the 100% cotton diapers.  They still hold up beautifully, but I know in about 2 or so months I will have to start using a doubler to make up for the absorbancy that has been lost through wash & wear.  FYI:  just because a diaper is an a “one size” does not mean it will last the entire time!  It just means it can fit a variety of different sizes at the same time. 🙂  If we continue to CD through the entire diaper phase, I will have to re-purchase.  Which brings me to my dislikes.

My ONE complaint about cloth diapering is just the type I bought.  I like the fitteds, but I DON’T like the velcro/aplix, whatever you want to call it, for the closure.  If I had to do it over, I would buy the kind with snaps, or the kind that you use the Snappi for.  The velcro (no matter how hard you press it down) gets un done and stuck to stuff in the wash and dryer. 

Things I really appreciate now:  having TWO wet/dry bags.  I wash diapers every morning, or else the ammonia smell of the urine gets a little out of hand.  I also wash the wet bag because it smells too.  If I didn’t have two bags, what would I put the freshly dirty diapers in to???  So yes, even though it was expensive, I’m glad I bought two wet/dry bags. 

Diaper covers:  so far, the Blueberry covers are holding up much better than the Thirsties.  They are more expensive, and as time goes on, I’m seeing why. 

And, that’s it.

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