the bronze rat

This past Friday during the speech class I facilitate during our homeschool co-op, I almost had to laugh out loud.

The kids were watching a DVD featuring the presenter, who was illustrating how to give a narrative speech by telling a story.  It went like this (well, the abbreviated version…):

A man visiting San Francisco walks in to a shop in China Town and sees a bronze rat he likes.  He picks it up, takes it to the shopkeeper, who says to him, “$20 for the rat, $100 for the story”.  The guy decides he doesn’t need the story, but does buy the bronze rat.

As he starts walking down the street, he starts to notice rats following him; more and more rats… he starts running toward the waterfront.  By now there are thousands of rats following him!  He gets to the water’s edge, throws the bronze rat in the water, and all of the rats follow, and drown.

The man returns to the store, where the shopkeeper says, “ahhh, now you want to buy the story?”.  The man says, “no, but I would like to know if you have any bronze politicians!”.

One of the kids picks up right after that line and blurts out, “as long as they’re liberal”. 

L. O. L. 

It’s refreshing to hear young people be fervent about their political beliefs… 🙂

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