kinda like a puppy…

My baby started crawling on Sunday evening.  Yep.  The last time I will witness the first attempt at knee-hand-forward-motion coordination.  He was awfully proud of himself. 🙂

Now, 36 hours later, I’m remember the “fun” that comes with having a newly mobile infant. 

It’s kind of like having a puppy in the house. 

Granted, he doesn’t pee on the floor (that would the the 3y0 in fits of anger…), or lap water from the toilet, but he does require a LOT of supervision now.

For instance, last night, I reach to turn on the baby monitor in the master bedroom.  When it clicks on, I was rewarded with an obnoxious hissing and scratching sound.  Turned it off, went upstairs to make sure the base in Brady’s room was turned on properly.  Discovered that he, after having his diaper changed, had managed to crawl over, and while chewing on the wire, pulled the cord out of the base, causing the obnoxious noises when the receiver was activiated.

Oh yes, let the games begin…  what new non-toys will he discover today??? 🙂

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