over & under reacting

I know this statement may not be popular to some people… but here it comes….

I watch 19 Kids & Counting.  Yes, yes I do.  Actually, I DVR it, and then watch it later. 🙂

I know there is an entire blogosphere dedicated to bashing and name-calling the family on this show.  I also know that there are many many people out there who see this family, and are inspired by them.  I’m one of the latter.

Do I believe in having as many kids as possible?  Nope.  I have three, that’s all I’m going to have.  🙂

Do I believe in having long hair and wearing dresses/skirts?  Nope.  Currently I have a chin-length bob and jeans on… with a tank top!

Do I believe in homeschooling?  Ha!  Get back to me on that one.  I’ve been doing some soul-searching as of late…

Why do I admire them when there are so very many lifestyle differences between me and them?

Because of they way they react to life.

I am an over/under reactor.  Either I’m not reacting enough (like when my kids are super excited about the caterpillar they found outside), or I’m over reacting (like when my kids spill a bowl full of cereal on the floor that I just mopped).  I don’t always have the incorrect reaction; I’ll be honest, a lot depends on my hormanal balance for the week!  What I so admire about the parents on 19 Kids & Counting is the way they react to their (manymanymany) kids.  They know that their children are watching them, and watching the way they handle life’s situations, good and bad.  They know that their children will learn how to handle life based on what they see growing up.  As a result, they have trained themselves (and trusted God!) to mold their reactions to be pleasing to the Lord. 

No yelling for spilled milk.  No vacant, “uh huh’s” for an exciting outdoor discovery.  And as a result, their children react to life in the same way they do.

So, there you have it.  I watch, and even more, admire the 19 Kids & Counting family.  I don’t want to be like them in many ways, but when it comes to having a peaceful, not under or over reaction to life, I would like to be like them. 🙂

1 Comments on “over & under reacting”

  1. Me too, Whit. You can tell that they’re legitimately Godly people- who make mistakes, I’m sure- but who truly love the Lord and seek to honor Him, especially in their marriage and parenting. I really want to be like Jesus, but I’d settle for being like Michelle Duggar :). Love you!

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