a little bah humbug, if you please.

This year I feel like I went through some sort of weird, twisted drive-thru, only instead of ordering a peppermint white mocha, I must have ordered plain hot tea with a side of bah humbug.

Is it sad to wish that all of the hoopla would just disappear?  That for one year, no one would send cards, no one would take family pictures, no one would search for the perfect gift???  There would be no stress about dinner plans, or what to buy the person who is impossible to shop for???  No more white elephant exchanges, cookie baking, or package mailing???

Yes, I am feeling a little Scroogy this year.  I think I just have so much to do in “normal” times, that adding in what our culture has deemed “neccessary” to be in the holiday spirit has backfired.  I’m not in the holiday spirit;  I’m in a bah humbug sort of spirit.


4 Comments on “a little bah humbug, if you please.”

  1. I’ll make sure to grab my Christmas card next time I’m at your house… 😉 & I’m guessing this means no Christmas Eve drop in??

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