30-Day Shred: Day ONE

Take TWO.

I previously started this blog post intending to keep it as a draft for 30 days of shredding; all while giving day-by-day opinions/updates on my progress.

I have since discovered that method is not going to work.

You see, I have the tendency to skip days… or weeks… whatever.

So, now I am going to post every day about the progress.  If you happen to be a somewhat frequent reader, I hope that you (along with my pride!) will help keep me on the path to shred-ed-ness.

Here we go…

Day ONE (again)

Weight: 133.4 (1.5 lbs higher than wedding weight, much LESS toned than day of wedding which was, 8.5 years, and 3 kids ago).

Workout: 30 Day Shred, Level One

Weights: used 2 lb handweights

Assessment: Well, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.  I actually did best (by “best” I mean, I didn’t want to die) during the cardio parts.  Some of the weight moves killed my arms; but I guess that’s actually a good thing.  Perhaps by spring/summer I won’t have the double arm wave. 🙂

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