30 Day Shred: Day TWO

Weight: same (133.4)

Workout: 30 Day Shred, Level TWO

Weights: used 2 lb. handweights

Assessment:  I reeeeeally did not want to do this today.  Fortunately for my poochy tummy, the realization that there might be a soul out there that realized I skipped and might call me out for it gave me a little motivation.  I moved up to level 2 because, although this is the 2nd day, I have been doing this off and on for a while now, and level 1 was boring me.  In addition, I was not feeling much pain after a level 1 workout; a serious indication that my muscles were not being worked past their current strength.  I think I will stick with level 2 for now, and throw in a level 1 every now and then just to change it up.

UPDATE:  just a few hours later, and I am already feeling the pain of the workout.. the good kind, where you know that the muscles were challenged! 🙂






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