30 Day Shred: Day FOUR

Weight: I’m retaining water like a camel right now, so I’ll pass on letting know what the scales say. 🙂

Workout: changed it up a bit, did a couple circuits off of Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones DVD

Weights: managed to bump up to 3 lb. handweights until the very end of the shoulders part, had to use the 2’s on that part.

Assessment: nice to have a bit of a change.  This DVD is faster paced, and included new moves to torture my “trouble” spots… ie: my entire body. 🙂  I liked it, I think I might do the remaining circuits tomorrow just to see what they are like.

One Comment on “30 Day Shred: Day FOUR

  1. You should try Lasix (sp?) for that water retention… I’ve lost 10lbs of fluid in 2 days! Sweet!

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