commence freak-out in 3, 2…


As in, NOW!

So, we visited the private school that we had always hoped to be able to send out kids.  They had an open house sort of deal tonight, and we went.  I sweated profusely through the whole thing, although others claimed it was not even warm in the building.

It was nice.  Aside from my usual aversion to elementary schools and all of the hoopla that goes with them, the teachers were nice, the curriculum sound, the extra-curriculars in place.  So why am I freaking out???

Because I never in a million years dreamed that that we would be able to do it for next year.  I NEVER thought that we would be able to afford it.  I have done this year of K-4 at home in full anticipation of doing K-5 at home as well.  Now, all of the sudden, we have the financial ability to do it, and I’m not sure what to think!

I know it’s the right decision for next year; at least for a year.  I will (of course!) re-assess after that.

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