Cat in the Hat baby shower!

This past weekend I was one of a few hostesses helping throw a Cat in the Hat themed baby shower for my friend Alexis.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby this spring, and have chosen to NOT find out the gender (yay!).  Their nursery is Cat in the Hat themed, so we hostesses decided to take that and run with it.  I may have run the farthest, but I made sure to drag the rest of them along with me. 🙂  And they, in turn, made sure to rein in my overly crazy ideas… and there were a few… 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the set-up:


I got the giant Cat from an online store for teachers.  He came with several book cut-outs that were used at the shower as well.  Also from the same site came the Cat in the Hat name tags, and the journal shaped like the hat.

The Cat himself greeted the guests

I made the flower pens as the guest party favors.  Practical & cute is always a good idea. 🙂  The flowers I got at Hobby Lobby when the bunches were half-off.  Red & white, of course, to go with the theme.  I taped them on to the pens using florists tape.  Learned by doing this to cut the stem very short, or else the grip on the pen is a little big.

The punch was blue, the cupcakes were red velvet & white cake.  The red iced we topped with toppers I made using scrapbook paper & Cat in the Hat stickers.  The red velvet cupcakes were topped with blue cotton candy.  This idea we got from another blog.

The journal, name tag, door prize prize game table

The guessing game was a painless way to have some guest involvement.  I am not a fan of “guess the girth” sort of baby shower games.  Nope.  Didn’t want them at mine, wouldn’t do that to any pregnant soul.  So, we filled a bowl with Swedish fish & little blue fish (from Nemo fruit snacks), and had guests guess the number of “Red Fish, Blue Fish”.  The winner got to pick one of the three picture frames.  The remaining two frames were drawn from the fish bowl as door prizes.

These were the picture frames I made for prizes.  Used wooden frames from Hobby Lobby, scrapbook paper in black & white patterns, & LOTS of mod podge!  Edged the frames with ribbon to cover up the paper edges, and then decorated with some stick-on bling and flowers.  These did not really reflect the theme other than the black and white, but I figured most people wouldn’t want a Cat in the Hat frame in their house. 🙂  Got this idea from my friend Stephanie who made one & inspired this project. 🙂

The food table

We used a few red daisies around to spice things up, they were in vases covered with my baby’s Babylegs.  Got that idea from a friend of mine who did it at a church event.

Of course, have to have Green Eggs & Ham at a Cat in the Hat baby shower!  I was a little weirded out by the green, but they were delicious!  We made popcorn and put it in little bags with little jellybeans.  Called it “Hop on Pop-corn”!  That was probably my favorite idea for the whole shower!  Also had some fun candy I got from Party City.  Lollipop shaped like fish, lollipops shaped like flowers & of course chocolate covered in red & white foil.  My favorite snack there were the parfaits!  Made by Courtney, they were chopped strawberries layered with fresh cream & topped with fresh blueberries!  They were YUM!!!


Alexis and I had a conversation several months ago involving our dislike of confetti and balloons at party events.  So, I ordered Chinese lanterns instead!  Got mine off of, they were the Just Artifacts brand.  Best of all, they came together and apart very easily!  Also good was that they had a huge variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

love the Chinese lantern look!

The chair of honor was reserved with a plush Cat that went home with our guest of honor.

This chair is for the Mommy-to-be!

I really wanted to make a “Thing 1 & Thing 2” t-shirt for our guest of honor.  I figured, point the arrow for Thing 1 up to Alexis’s face, and the Thing 2 arrow pointing to her belly!  HOWEVER, I was reeled in… 🙂  She was a very cute guest of honor, costume or not. 🙂

cute little mama!

Can’t wait to meet the little person we partied for!

So glad that I had lots of help to pull some of these ideas together!  I am not a food person, so having Courtney & Sara to do most of that was great.  Amanda did the cupcakes & popcorn.  I just got there and put it all on the table.  Although planning with lots of folks can be… interesting… at times, it’s always nice to be able to divide and conquer the jobs & responsibilities!

2 Comments on “Cat in the Hat baby shower!”

  1. Hey there, great decorations! Would you mind sharing what teaching website you ordered the cardboard stand up? I’d love to have one for my son’s Cat in the Hat party in January, but might be running out of time to order! Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind letting me know what website, that would be great. Thanks!

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