the ringing in my ears,

is the result of hearing my child scream a good portion of every day.

Brady.  Dear Brady.

He was SUCH a good baby… adorably chubby, cuddly, and  cute.

And then…

He is still adorable.  Still chubby, and cute.  But he has definitely developed his own little personality, and I have to say at this point, I’m not a fan of it.

Is this the 3rd child syndrome?  Is this how the smallest gets attention?  Any 3rd in line kids out there???  PLEASe tell me that this won’t last forever…

He screams.  When he:

wants to be held

wants to be put down

wants to have a snack

is finished eating

wants in the bathtub

is getting out of the bathtub

is happy

is sad

is mad

is frustrated…

you see???

In retrospect, he’s always been different from the first two kids.  I had to stop nursing because regardless of the techniques taught to stop biting, he wouldn’t.  He would look at me, laugh, and then do it again.  Yep.

When his little chubby hand gets popped for playing in the toilet water or digging in the trashcan, he looks at me, and laughs.

I have been trying to teach him simple sign language to help him communicate.  When I do, he laughs, and then screams.


This too, shall pass…


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