Palm Sunday service activity

Every quarter our life group is intentional about three activities (really, more than that, but this is the minimum).

1.  Loving God

This is where we use our weekly meeting time to explore perhaps a different activity or method of growing closer to the Lord.  In February, I was “in charge” of this and chose to utilize the practice of Lectio Divina.  It was great.  Highly recommend doing this if you find yourself growing apathetic to the scriptures as you read them.

2. Loving Others/Loving the Lost

This is a service project coordinated by a member of the group that has as its goal to involved everyone (kids too).  We reach out in our community to help where help is needed.

3.  Loving Each Other

This is an activity intended to bring our group closer together in a social setting.  Game nights, ice cream get-togethers, etc…  Our weekly meetings have to be a little more structured since we meet during the week and little ones have school the next day.  These give us a chance to just ‘hang out’.

Yesterday, we had our quarterly “Loving Others/Loving the Lost” activity.  One of our group was the coordinator, and she arranged for us to go to visit a local nursing home during their ice cream social to help serve & visit with the residents.  Beforehand, the kids in our group made crosses out of popsicle sticks and decorated them with tissue paper to hand out… especially appropriate since yesterday was Palm Sunday!

Since a picture can speak a thousand words, here are a few from our excursion…

My littlest brought smiles to many wrinkled faces!

The younger ones got to hand out napkins to the residents… such an easy way to teach the value of service to others…

We had a few older kids, and they were a huge help!  Most kids their age would have been awkward and shy, but not this group!  They were friendly, helpful, and joy-filled.  One of them later told her dad that she wanted to come back every week! 🙂

A general pictures… ice cream scooping going on in the back, and the troops taking orders and handing out the bowls.

My middle blessing, ready to hand over the bowl of ice cream.  Love his little face! 🙂

One of our activity-coordinator’s kids.  She was handing out the crosses that the kids made.

A few of the residents had family come to visit them while we were there, but others, like this gentleman did not.  It was a joy to see people from our group laughing with them as they stopped to take time to chat.  This gentle man ate about 3 bowls of ice cream… just plain vanilla! 🙂

My oldest & I chatting with Josephine.

So, that’s just a few of the pictures.  One of our group, Ann-Maree, took close to 80 pictures in the hour we were there, and of course, she is in none of them.  I’m so glad that we have this documentation though… and proof that service activities with kids is do-able and so very worth it!

1 Comments on “Palm Sunday service activity”

  1. Love it :). Beautiful pictures, sweet niece and nephews, and precious hearts loving the Lord by loving others.

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