more babies for us!!!

Just not the human variety… 🙂

Can you see them in there, the tiny little cardinal chicks???  I counted 2, and they are the cutest little ugly things you have ever seen.

This nest is in a tiny little tree in our backyard, and we honestly thought it was deserted.  Apparently, a mama cardinal thought it looked like a good place to raise her little family, although methinks she didn’t take much time to analyze the smaller occupants of our house… 🙂

So, we will have the excitement of watching baby birds grow up, from a distance, of course. 🙂

UPDATE:  I just went to check on the chicks, and one of them “yawned”.  I think it felt the branch move, and was hoping it’s mama was back with some food.  So cute!  And, the whole time I was checking them out (carefully), the daddy cardinal was sitting on the telephone wire behind our fence chirping out what sounded like a warning signal.  I heeded the signal, and left.  He then flew to the nest to check on his little ones.

It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with these birds…

Papa cardinal watches out for his babies...

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Was lying down with Rachel in hopes that she would fall asleep during naptime, and I was drifting off a bit myself.  When suddenly, I heard the warning signal chirping from the Daddy cardinal again!  I hopped up and looked out the window, and our neighbors cat was in the yard!  The Daddy was just sitting on the fence chirping his little heart out… so I scared the cat off.  That bird flew straight to the nest to check on his babies, where they are still happily and safely snoozing.

2 Comments on “more babies for us!!!”

  1. I am diligently watching them! I don’t know when they hatched, although I’m thinking very recently since they are not moving around much at all in their little nest…

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