angry birds!

                                                                                 I have heard about, but have not played (as I am the owner of a “dumb” phone) a game called “Angry Birds” that can be accessed on iPhones.

Now, as I have not played it, I don’t know what it is about, however, I was myself today a witness to some angry birds. 🙂

I was trying to take a little peek at the babies, and the whole time, the mama cardinal was sitting on the fence making spitting noises at me.  Yes, spitting noises.  I have never heard it before today, but apparently that is the “angry mama” noise.

I took myself back to the porch to observe the parents in action, and the daddy cardinal took over as look-out so the mama could make sure I had not brought any harm to her babies.  After she made sure her babies were fine, the daddy cardinal flew in to check things out for himself.  I WISH I could have obtained a picture of both of them in the tree with the babies!!!  However, my camera is not designed for such picture taking, and the tree branches would have been in the way regardless.

I promise I will not post EVERY day about these birds, but it is just SO much fun right now!  The babies are obviously getting a little more demanding, because I am noticing the parents flying back and forth much more than yesterday.

I do hope that we have the chance to watch them learn to fly!!!

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