flying lessons!!!

This afternoon I went to check on the cardinal babies, and found just one, sitting on the edge of the nest!

I had the good fortune of checking up on them right at the start of this little birds first flying lesson.  The mama and daddy cardinals were hopping on the fence line and nearby tree chirping out what I imagine were messages of encouragement.  I don’t know though, maybe they were messages of impatience as the sibling had obviously already taken to flight successfully. 🙂

The baby flew off, and I’ll tell you, the sight brought tears to my eyes.

He didn’t quite make it to the tree or the fence.  He crash landed in the grass.  I watched for a while, but figured I my presence was probably giving the mama bird a near-heart-attack… so I came inside.

Here are a few more pictures of the big event.

Baby bird makes it up on the stool I placed beside the little tree that houses their nest.  I put it there to be able to peek in on them, and now he is using it as a launching pad. 

Pausing in the grass, listening for the sound of his mama and daddy.  The parents didn’t come down to the baby at first.  In fact, the daddy stayed up high as a look-out the whole time.  The mama only came down to the baby’s level when she felt he needed a bit more encouragement. 🙂

Here the baby bird was just about to try to fly again.  I never could catch the exact moment of flight; it was not super easy to predict when the little guy would take his next shot at it. 

I have greatly enjoyed watching these birds!  I always thought bird-watchers were a little off-kilter; seriously, why would ANYone spend time watching birds fly around?  Now I understand, at least tiny bit.

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