clueless, helpless, sleepless…

Last Thursday I took Brady to the pediatrician.  He had been acting a little “off”, and was pulling at his ears.  This is generally all I have to go on when he has an ear infection, so I took him in.

No ear infection.

I was left wondering what could possibly the wrong with him…

Then, his behavior starting getting worse.  He’s not eating as much, he’s not sleeping well, and he’s in a general state of grumpiness most of the time.

And, to top it off, this morning, he puked everywhere.  Well, not everywhere, but basically all over a chair (and not one of the easy-to-clean leather chairs…)

You know, when you ‘google’ the words “trouble sleeping + vomiting + grumpiness” you get a bunch of websites about ear infections in kids?

*sigh*  I don’t know what to do with him.  Take him back in?  Don’t take him back in?  Wait it out a few more days?

I’m clueless as to what’s wrong, definitely helpless in trying to make him happier, and becoming more and more sleepless as the days go on.

Seriously, I am a true believer that kids should come with manuals.

2 Comments on “clueless, helpless, sleepless…”

  1. My goodness! Hope he’s given you a rest. Teeth? Did an infection pop up after all? I’ve come to the conclusion when all else shows a negative, its likely a pesky virus. Poor little fella and poor mommy.

  2. Yep, I’m sure it was a virus. It’s over, thankfully, but he passed a tiny bit of it on to me, Rachel and Eli before it ran its course. 😦
    It was rough though, he lost 3 lbs due to puking and diaper fills; I almost took him to the urgi-care for an IV of fluids.

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