getting an earful

I know I should probably write a sappy Father’s Day tribute.  Maybe later.  Instead, I’m going to write about what I can’t get off of my mind.

My otoscope.

“My WHAT?”, you ask.


You know, the little tool doctors use to look in your ears?

I bought one.

The idea was to prevent the trips to the pediatrician to see if an ear infection was the cause of the fussiness of my littlest.  I looked online, and you can purchase an otoscope (I got the Dr. Mom brand, they are very highly rated) for a little under $25 including shipping.  Not bad when each dr. visit is a $25 co-pay.

So, I get the otoscope out of the package today, and it shows this little chart about what the eardrum looks like normal, with tubes, infected, and perforated.  Handy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t show you or remind you that to get to the eardrum, you have to get past the ear hair and wax.


I intended to use it on some normal ears in the house just to make sure I knew what I was doing.  I almost puked.  There is a reason the Lord did not call me to be a doctor; I can’t even look at earwax without feeling queasy. 🙂

I have since determined that I will ONLY use this when I have serious cause to believe that an ear infection may be present.  Definitely NOT something I will do “just for fun”.


And, that’s what’s on my mind.

2 Comments on “getting an earful”

  1. ewwwww. Makes me think of those tubes you put in your ear then light on fire. I’m not brave enough to try them & I don’t think they would be a good thing in your house, but they would indeed help!!

  2. Love it!
    Who wouldn’t love an otoscope??? Every mom is good for a medical lesson, especially when your kids take you through almost everything possible 🙂

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