you know we’re in a drought when…

The other morning, I woke up, and went to the bathroom to take care of my morning routine.  Ran a little water in the sink to wet my toothbrush, and turned the water off while brushing.  So far, a normal morning.

Then, came the rinse and spit part of the tooth care process… and then also came a reminder that we are in one of the worst droughts on record.

Apparently the little guy hiding in my sink pipes didn’t mind the water pouring down on him; that was, after all, the reason why he found a way into the pipe to begin with.

When the toothpaste foam came a rinsing down though, he got a little irate.

And so, to my surprise, after drying the water off of my mouth, what should I find staring up a me???

Scorpion picture
Oh yes, a scorpion.

Now, we have pest control come out to our house quarterly, and have not yet had any scorpions in the house.  But the little fella in my sink somehow made it past the spray lines put down by the bug-man.

After leaping backward and giving a slight shriek (hello, wouldn’t you if you found one after brushing your pearly whites???), I made my dear husband kill it.  This was a task, by the way, he did not relish.  😉

Moral of the story:  always check your sink before you rinse.  And, in my case, plug the sink drains before going to bed at night.


2 Comments on “you know we’re in a drought when…”

  1. OH. NO. Those are THE CREEPIEST things EVER!!!!!!! I would’ve passed out. I woke up to a roach crawling on me this morning, which was DISGUSTING & well I was up for the day at 5:30 am. No more sleeping after that!! Ugggghhh.

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