a little red, white, & blue for you!!!

Saw these little gems on one of the “freshly pressed” pages in WordPress… and had to give them a try!

Now, let me begin by saying that I have NEVER managed to successfully make chocolate dipped strawberries!  Figured out while reading the directions in the post (who knew directions were so handy!)  that my problem was most likely because I was dipping damp fruit.

Dry fruit only, please, and then you end up with this:

Well, they may not be quite as beautiful as the ones made in the post that inspired mine, but I still think they are pretty darned cute. 🙂

Just in time for the Fourth of July swim party & bbq tonight…


(Oh, and in case you are a wonderin’, I cheated.  I used the kind of white chocolate that you buy that can melt in the microwave, and I used the tub of white frosting with blue dye for the stripes.  Just heated it up a  little to get it to drizzle consistency & then drizzled it on with a spoon. )

Can’t wait for tonight!!!

4 Comments on “a little red, white, & blue for you!!!”

  1. These look fantastic!! Great job! I’m glad my directions were ok too! And great alternative methods to the chocolate and icing! Happy 4th of July!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks! They were seriously the biggest hit of the party. Kids were begging their parents to have one as soon as they saw them, and the parents enjoyed them a good bit as well. 😉

  3. Look at you, getting all Martha-esque 🙂 Love it… those are super-cute! Hope ya’ll had/are having a wonderful 4th!

  4. Thanks! We had a pretty laid back day. Eli is on day 5 of having pink eye, so we still can’t take him to places where kids might be. 😦 No fireworks tonight due to the drought, so all in all, a pretty chill day.
    Hope you’re last Fourth as a family of 2 was/is great! 🙂

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