how bad do you feel?

My poor family has been dealing with illness after illness this summer.

We’ve had viruses (stomach and the common cold)

We’ve had pink eye (that one is still going on…)

We’ve had headaches, sore throats, stuffy sinuses…

This morning my daughter woke up with snot crusted all over her face and gunk oozing out of her eyes.  This is after a night in which she woke up multiple times yelling that her ear was hurting. 😦

She asked Matt this morning, “daddy, do you feel worse?”

“Worse?” he replied.

“Yes”, said she, ” ’cause I feel worser than a crab’s pinch“.

That’s my daughter.  Such a way with words… 😦

UPDATE:  after a visit to the pediatrician, she does indeed have an ear infection.  I don’t think she’s had one of those since she was about 9 months old or so…

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