brother/sister love

Yesterday I mentioned (for about the zillionth time) my growing anxiety about my oldest starting Kindergarten in the fall.  In yet another attempt to “hold on to time”, I took all three out to the zoo this morning.  We arrived fairly early, in a futile attempt to beat the heat.

Shortly after viewing the elephants, the two with verbal communication skills starting letting me know that they were ready to leave.  About every 30 seconds, they let me know.  🙂

So, we headed back home.

I had packed a picnic lunch for our trip.  We arrived home far before lunchtime. 🙂

So, we spread out the picnic blanket on the kitchen floor, and had our picnic.  The older two had a blast, and Brady made a mess.

After lunch, they played zoo.  Yep.  Animal face masks for the older two.  Rachel was a zebra, and Eli was a lizard.

my little animals pretending to be animals, oh, and Brady in the background

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the socks on Rachel’s hands are meant to be hooves.  I’m not sure why Eli has socks on his hands as lizards don’t have hooves. 🙂

Before naptime they were upstairs playing when I came up to inform them that it was time to clean up before naps.  Rachel was begging me to allow Eli to take a nap with her on her bed.  She really hates that the boys share a room and have someone to talk to and play with.  I have repeatedly told her that when she’s older, she’ll appreciate having her own room.  Apparently, she’s not there yet. 🙂

I told her he could stay in there for 15 minutes.  You see, I was convinced that there was no possible way that either one of them would actually take a nap.

I was wrong.

they are SO precious, especially when sleeping!


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