DIY doubts

I am a do-it-yourself wanna be.

I WANT to be super creative and crafty, and deep down, I think I am.

My problem lies in the “DO” part of DIY.  And I think that stems from a lack of confidence. 🙂


I have an idea to make three canvases to hang on our master bedroom wall.  If it turns out well, it will be three lovely pieces of art done for less than $20.

I THINK it will be good; in my head it looks great.

When I told Matt about it… he got ‘the look’ on his face.  The one that says he has doubts about my idea.  He has no cause to doubt, other than he’s an accountant-type personality and prefers the well-known to the unknown.  He would much rather go to a store, pay $150 for three pieces just because he KNOWS what the finished product looks like.

I like to live a little more on the wild side.

That’s me.


Okay, maybe not completely, but at least a tiny bit more than he is. 🙂

So, this is DIY week.  I have a couple of projects I want to work on.  If they turn out well, I will post pics.  If they are disasters, I will never speak of this again.  🙂



4 Comments on “DIY doubts”

  1. the canvases are finished, and I think they look pretty good. I’ll try to take pics this week. The wall stenciling is going to be… ahem… a lengthy project. 🙂 Don’t look for pics too soon on that one! I’m hoping for a week, but it might be closer to 10 days… I can only do a little at a time b/c it’s an overlaying pattern, so if I do too much, the paint starts to smear. Bleh. Of course, I pick the hard pattern… of course… 🙂

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