end of basketball season!

Eli tries to make a shot as his coach looks on...

Well, we did it.  We made it through our first sport as a family.  🙂

This summer Eli played basketball through the YMCA.  It was a summer league, and so a little more relaxed than the fall/spring sessions.  I thought it would be an easier introduction into the world of kiddie sports. And, it was.

He was so excited to be able to participate!  After the first practice/game, we realized that most of the kids had their own ball.  So, that next week I took him to get one so he could practice dribbling at home.  As I held up the regulation color ball, his 3-year-old eyes strayed to the more colorful version…  and, of course, I let him have it. 🙂

He may not have made a shot (unassisted) the entire season, but he did learn a lot about how to listen to your coach, how to have fun, and how to do your best.

Next up:  soccer.  That one should be more interesting since it involves a practice during the week AND a game on the weekend.  Not to mention that Rachel will be doing this one too.

Bring on the craziness!!!

2 Comments on “end of basketball season!”

  1. So I totally didn’t know Eli was doing basketball… am I an awful aunt or what? 😦 Glad he had fun though! Hope soccer goes just as well, or better!

  2. haha… I’m pretty sure I never mentioned it. It was pretty low-key. Now, I”m sure you’ll hear more about soccer as that will consume much more of our time. 🙂

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