I’ll take that Bad Mom Award. Thanks.

When my middle child was about 15 months old, we discovered he had a host of allergies.  I knew he had SOME, but when I asked for the blood test to confirm what I suspected, I NEVER anticipated all that would show up.

What I suspected:  grass, trees, flowers… you know, basically the great outdoors.

What showed up:  grass, trees… the great outdoors… PLUS cats, dogs, a variety of foods, and PEANUTS.


He was 15 months old, and had yet to ingest peanuts, peanut butter, or anything peanut-ty.

So, we did what we were supposed to do, and avoided the peanuts.  Even foods processed where peanuts may have been processed are avoided.  Why?  Because he had never had a clinical reaction (hives, stop breathing, etc…) we weren’t sure about the degree of allergy.  AND, since our allergist prefers to not skin test kids until age five (which I fully approve of), we would rather not find out the bad way the degree of reaction.

Fast forward to… today.

It was a rough morning.  I was feeling the development of stress knots in my shoulder by 10am.  Kids fighting,  Brady wanting to be held NON-STOP… by 10:45 they were whining for a snack & I decided to go ahead and make lunch.  Hoping against hope that they would want to lay down for naps earlier too.

In my frantic stress, I made my sandwich first.  And, let me explain here that I never got used to soy nut butter.  I still use the real-deal.  I am (usually) VERY careful to avoid cross-contamination.  This time, not so careful.

The older two down their sandwiches.  About 2 bites shy of being finished, Eli says that his sandwich hurt his stomach.  ???  He eats these at least 4 times a week.

Track back and realize my mistake & proceed to full panic mode.

He’s ingested a (very small) amount of peanut butter.

I call the allergist, I call the pediatrician, I call my husband…

Eli throws up the Benadryl I gave him.  Says his throat hurts, but he’s talking and breathing fine.

Right after my friend comes over, Eli pukes buckets of nasty stuff.  That’s how you know someone is a real friend.  They see your child vomit nastiness, and they still hang out afterwards.

A talk with the allergist later confirms that he most likely did have an allergic reaction, and thankfully his body reacted by ejecting the offensive food.  She tells me to “not beat myself up over it”.

Too late.

So, you may send my trophy right on over, because I’m pretty sure I have won the Bad Mom Award for August 10th, 2011.

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