First Day of Kindergarten: the drop-off

Well, it finally arrived. The day I have been dreading for 5 years… the first day of kindergarten. 🙂

Started last night by taking half of a Unisom before bed. I knew I would be up with my brain running in circles by 3am if I didn’t have a little help on the stay-asleep front. As it was, I still woke up once in the kitchen… guess Unisom doesn’t help much with sleep-walking.

Got up and got myself ready at 6am, and then went to get Rachel up. I asked her if she knew what today was, and she (with a sleepy groan) said, “school”. And then proceeded to say, “but I’m sooooo sleepy”. 🙂 Welcome to school, kid!

She was fine once she got up & dressed. Went and fixed her hair, and put on one of her new hairbands with school color bow attached.

Ate breakfast, brushed teeth, put shoes on… and it was time to leave!

He may not always admit it, but Eli is going to miss his big sister...

I intend to pray with her before school every day, but today I asked Matt to do it. I knew if I started, I would cry…

We walked her in, and the whole thing felt super surreal. It was not me, it was not her… it was like one of those dreams you have that seems so real, when you wake up you have to take a few minutes to adjust to reality.

But, this is reality.

Walked her down the hall to her room where she sat outside the door against the wall with her other classmates. I fussed over her, tucking her hair behind her ear, putting chapstick on her lips, reminding her to listen & obey her teacher.

Then, it was time.

The door opened, and she filed in with the other kids and went to hang her backpack on her hook. Then, she went to her desk and sat down.


THAT is when I lost it. Ohhhh, yes. Started crying in the hallway. I made sure she didn’t see me though. 🙂

A little girl went in with her parents… one we had already met. I had talked to Rachel about Ashley, that she might be sad on the first day of school, and that she should try to help her feel better if she could. (I knew this was a possibility because during Meet the Teacher, little Ashley would not come unglued from her parents)

I saw her look over at Ashley, then look up to find me at the door. I saw it click in her mind, and she got up, walked over to Ashley, and gave her a hug. She told her, “it will be okay”, and took her hand and helped lead her over to her desk.

That made me cry even more.

I love my sweet Rachel… she has such a sweet heart for others. She experiences great joy in helping others… and I know that this new chapter of her life will afford her many opportunities to do just that.

I already miss her, and it’s been just an hour since I left her.

I know that there are great things coming this year for all of us, and I look forward to seeing what they are.

Mommy & Daddy with our Kindergartener!!! Thankfully our neighbor was outside & took this picture for us. 🙂

6 Comments on “First Day of Kindergarten: the drop-off”

  1. Awww! She looks so cute and happy to be going to schoo;! I can’t wait to hear how her first day went! Love you!

  2. Whitney, you should be so proud! She is going to have a fabulous time and you can rest assure that you and Matt have done such a wonderful job raising her. She has such a sweet caring soul!Love, R

  3. Awww… you also have a lot of hormones going on right now! :). It is ok to cry, just know that you are raising him to be able to be on his own one day, and this is just one step on that journey. 😉

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