Week in Review: new job, new school, and a root canal.

For me, this has been a super long break from blogging.  There have been times this week when I have desperately wanted to sit down and record my thoughts, but I just have not been able to.   So, without further ado… my week in review.

Monday:  a fairly normal day.  Brady acting much more normal since starting antibiotics.  He had another double ear infection; apparently the next one he has, we get a referral to an ENT.  I also have a meeting with who will soon be my boss at my new job.  It’s good, but leaves me feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed by the amount of information I need to process.  Later that night, I was over at my friend Courtney’s house, and she tried to cram as much information into my head about the job as she could.  I actually felt slightly competent when I left.  That feeling faltered many times over the course of the week.

Tuesday:  My first allergy shot.  Such a low dose to start with that I only got one shot instead of the two I will normally get.  No nasty reactions, which is good. 🙂  Rachel has been fine every morning waking up for school.  This morning, however, she was a wreck.  Crying; didn’t want to go to school.  She finally had her “first day of school angst”, only about 5 days late.  Of course, once she got there, she was fine.

Wednesday:  Last day before I’m “official” at the new job.  A little weird knowing that the next day, my daily life would change in drastic ways.  Very weird.  Also exciting.

Thursday:  First (official) day of work!  It’s crazy, I mean, I have done random contract work from home for the past 2 years, but for some reason, this just feels very REAL.  I am so excited to be doing what I am doing… and I know that this is what God has for me in this season of my life.  That doesn’t free me from the “am I insane to be doing this” thoughts… which I’m sure will continue at least until I feel like I know what I’m doing!

Thursday was also the day of my root canal.  FUN.  I was extremely nervous going in to it.  Extremely.  I opted to pay the extra $34 to have the nitrous oxide.  Oh my.  Who knew that I would react the way I did???  The good news is, I didn’t feel a thing, and I certainly don’t remember anything either. 🙂  The entire time I had the most RANDOM thoughts!  I promise, if I had been able to live-blog the time I was “under” it would have be a CrAzY read.  🙂

Due to the post-nitrous queasiness I had, I ended up not doing as much work as I had originally planned.  Got the two things highest on my list accomplished, and then took a nap with Motrin.  Even called Matt to pick Rachel up from school that day.  Nitrous was nice during the dental procedure, but apparently stuff like that just messes me up for a while afterwards.

Friday:  First day of lots of work.  This season for the job I’m doing is so busy.  At times, I wish that I was starting during a slower time, so I could organize & learn everything with a little more leisure.  However, I have always worked better under pressure, and the busyness is forcing me to learn quickly.  I have already made mistakes, and corrected them.  I HATE messing up.  Really.  The perfectionist qualities I have make me either want to excel at something, or not do it at all.  I’m having to get over that a bit. 🙂

Saturday (today):  Have plans to organize the garage a bit, head back over the Courtney’s for more instruction, and then head to the tailgate event at Rachel’s school.  Also need to go to the grocery store at some point so we can stop eating out. 🙂

It’s a crazy life, but I love it… and really wouldn’t have it any other way.


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