Eli’s First Day of Preschool…

Yesterday I did something I NEVER thought I would do.

I took the boys to a mother’s day out program.

I didn’t have anything against them, but, like I think I mentioned before, I never really had a use for one.

That has changed, and yesterday was our first fateful day of “preschool”.

When we walked up to the double doors, Eli immediately began the litany consisting of “I don’t wanna go”, and “Mommy please stay with me”.

We took Brady to his room first, I handed him over, and he couldn’t have cared less.  He was excited to see new toys & I could imagine the little wheels turning in his head, “destruction, chaos, mayhem.  destruction, chaos, mayhem…”

Headed down the hall to Eli’s room.  I had to give his teachers a few items (epi-pen, sheet with lists of peanut-free foods, etc…)  All the while, he is laying down in the hallway, crying and snotting all over the floor.  It painted quite a strange picture:  Eli snotting on the floor, and other kids smiling cherubically for their “first day pictures”.  *sigh*

I ended up having to hand him over to his teacher and pry his fingers off of my neck.  I am of the opinion that the drop-and-go is the way to handle situations like this.  He was never going to improve if I was there… but if I left… his more than capable teachers would be able to work with him.

By the time I came to pick them up, Eli was smiling and coloring.

I’m not convinced that the drop-off will ever be completely smooth, per se, but I know that this is going to be a good thing for him.

Already today, he mentioned something about “his school”.  He needs this.  He has always come in second to Rachel in his mind… SHE gets to do everything first.  This is something that is HIS.  HE is the one getting to go to preschool.  He has HIS own teachers, HIS own classroom, HIS own friends.

I am excited to see how my middle baby will do as he becomes more comfortable with the idea of “preschool”.

this was MY "first day" picture!!!

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